Akagera National Park

Situated close to the only Big Five Reserve in Rwanda, guests have easy access to traverse through the largest protected wetland in central Africa. Experience various sightings of the plethora of bird including the allusive Shoebill, and animal species which have made the park their home.

Traditional song and dance experience

Witness unique storytelling as you watch a beautifully choreographed Intore; a traditional Rwandan dance of warriors, and the graceful display of feminine strength in the Umushayayo dance of women. This is more than entertainment but immerse yourself in the most special part of the community’s day.

Traditional food and cultural tour

Nyagatare is one of two regions in Rwanda that has best preserved the pastoralist heritage of the Rwandanese. Pastolist homes still grind their own wheat and sorghum that make up many of their traditional dishes. Take some time to tour the traditional huts and taste some traditional beer, urwagwa, which is made of roasted sorghum flour mixed with fermented banana juice. Banana is among the staple foods along with cassava, plantains, and sweet potato which is usually eaten with porridge in the morning.

Nyagatare Bird and Species

With one of the highest bird counts on the continent, Rwanda offers guest a birdwatching experience like no other. Catch sightings of enchanting species in the areas surrounding Nyagatare and see who can spot the most elusive species. We’ll provide you with a species list so you can take the challenge to tick off favourites such as the Shoebill Stork, Papyrus Gonolek, Bennett’s Woodpecker, Red-Faced Barbet, and the Miombo Wren-Warblers. The animals in the region are just as impressive, with the endangered Golden monkey being a must see, along with chimpanzees, and black & white colobus monkeys.

Nyagatare Nature Walk

Be a part of generational knowledge as you traipse through the farms in the region and learn the family techniques including knowledge of herbal medicine.